CatEmpire Bengals

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Brown Spotted Boy

Ready 22nd December

Brown Marble Boy (orange collar)

Ready 22nd December

Brown Marble Boy (tan collar) 

Ready 22nd December


Kittens are born in our special kitten room and when they are about 5 weeks old they come and go from the kitten room into our lounge room.

They are part of our family, so they are  learning household noises etc as they grow.

Kitten Pricing

(unless otherwise stated)

Brown Spotted/Rosetted  $1200.00

Snow Spotted/Rosetted $1300.00

Brown Marbles $1100.00

Snow Marble $1200.00

All kittens leave desexed  (We do not sell Entire Kittens)

Kittens are microchipped, vaccinated twice

Registered with FCCQ Inc and Offical Pedigree in your name