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At present we do not have any kittens available but will have a little ready later with year if you wish to go on our 

waiting list please contact us



Kittens are born in our special kitten room and when they are about 5 weeks old they come and go from the kitten room into our lounge room.

They are part of our family, so they are learning household noises etc as they grow.

We HCM and DNA Test

We are happy to show our results to new pet owners that purchase for us.

Kitten Pricing

All Brown Spotted/Rosetted  $1800.00

All Snow Sepia Spotted/Rosetted $2000.00

All Brown Marbles $1500.00

We do not individually price kittens 

To secure a kitten a nonrefundable  deposit  of $300.00 must be paid

(Only in certain circumstances can a deposit be refunded)

We also supply a kitten pack plus toys including a carrier

All kittens leave desexed (We do not sell Entire Kittens)

Kittens are microchipped, vaccinated twice

Registered with QICC Inc. and a Certified Pedigree in your name

They also come with 6 weeks free pet insurance

Things to do before bringing home your kitten

Have either a bathroom or laundry setup for your kitten to stay in during the night or even during the day when you are not home, while they are little and new to your home it is not wise to let them roam freely when you are not home.

A litter tray with Catmate litter or Ezi-Lock-Odour litter

Highly recommend the Ezi-Lock-Odour System

Water Bowl

Food Bowls

Warm bed for them to cuddle up in


When your kitten arrives home

Immediately show them where their litter tray is and keep taking them back to it every hour

If you have other pets it is wise to put the kitten either in the bathroom or laundry and let the other pets smell them through the door.

Take them out on their own for a few hours at a time making sure they go back to their tray every hour.

Follow the same diet that the breeder has been giving your kitten and change it very slowly if it is not what you want to feed.

Make sure there is plenty of fresh water and dry food for you kitten to eat during the day .

Please do not leave your kitten to wonder around the house on its own when you are out. they are only babies and can forget where their litter tray is. Also putting them in a safe room protects them .

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