CatEmpire Bengals

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Show Results 

Catempire Lady Juliet

Best in Show Ring 2, 3 and 4 QICC March Show

Supreme Shorthair Exhibit and Over all Supreme QICC March Show

QFA March Show 3 Best of Breed and 3rd Best Ring 3 and 5th Best Ring 6 (52 kittens entered)

Cats Qld April show 9th Ring 2 and 14th Ring 3 (42 kittens entered)

QFA April show Ring 1 11th Best (46 kittens entered)

Cats Qld May show Ring 1 Reserve Shorthair Adult

2016 ACF Nationals Ring 3 Reserve in Show,   Ring 3 and 5 Best Female Bengal

Siamese & Shorthair July Show Ring 1 3rd Best in Show Ring 4 5th Best in Show

Catempire Lady Morgan Le Fay

Cats Qld May show Ring 2 Reserve Shorthair Adult

2016 ACF Nationals Ring2 Best Female Bengal and Reserve Best in Show Ring 2

Siamese & Shorthair July Show Best in Show Ring 1 Ring 2 8th Best in Show and Ring 3 6th Best in Show

Catempire Princess Valentina

2016 ACF Nationals Ring 6 11th Best Kitten (over 80 kittens) 16 weeks old

Siamese & Shorthair July Show Ring 1 5th Best in Show Ring 3 8th Best in Show

Gold Double Grand Champion Catempire Lord Tennison of Sexton

FCCQ March Show Best in Show adult ring 4 

QFA March Show 3 Best of Breed, Ring 2 5th Best Ring 5 4th Best and Ring 4 7th Best

QFA April show 4th Best in show Ring 2 and  7th Best Ring 3

FCCQ October show Best in Show Ring 4, Reserve in Show Ring 3 , 5th in Show Ring 2 and 6th in Show Ring 1   

This was his last show for this year

Show Results for 2015

2015  Jaffa started the show year becoming a Champion. 

                                                                                                        Annabel became a Grand Champion.

Double Grand Champion Catempire Lord Tennison of Sexton

Sire: ACF AOE Gold Double Grand Champion Fedelis Look Mum No Hands of Aussieposhpaws

Dam: Catwalk Elsa

Lordy has just become  FCCQ and Cats Qld Best Bengal for 2015.  


                                                         3 Best Bengal Kitten in Ring 1 and Ring 2 at the Curly Coats Show in April

                                                  3 Best Bengal Kitten Ring 1,2 and 4 at  the Burmese Cat Show also in April

                                                  3 Best Bengal Kitten Ring 1,2 and 4 at the Touch of Class Show in May

                                                  2 Best Bengal Kitten Ring 1 and 2 at Cats Qld Show  in May

                                                  2 Best Shorthair Kittens Ring 1 and 3 at the Locker Valley Show in June

                                                  Reserve Shorthair Kitten Ring 3 and 3 Best Bengal Kittens in the QFA July Show

                                                  Reserve All Breeds Kitten Ring 3  at  Cats Qld Show in  August

                                                  3 Best Bengal Kitten Ring 1 ,2,and 4  in the September  Tonkinese Club Show

                                                  Best Kitten in Show Ring 2 at QFA Flash Feline Show 3rd October

After an incredible year Lordy has finished  the year as a Champion after just two shows in Adult Class

Catempire Lady Morgan Le Faye

Sire: Gold Double Grand Champion Okavango Charming

Dam: Aussieposhpaws Luno Lovegood

"M"  have been named  FCCQ Reserve Best Bengal 2015

M is our new kid on the block just starting her showing career, she is one of our future Queens

                     Best Bengal Kitten Ring 3 and 2 Reserve Bengal Kitten Ring 1  and 4 at FCCQ Tonkinese Show Sept

 Best  Bengal Kitten Ring 3 and Reserve Bengal Kitten Ring 1 at QFA Flash Feline Show Oct

                                    Best Kitten in Show Ring 3 at the FCCQ  50th Anniversary Show Oct

                                     Reserve Kitten in Show Ring 2 at the QFA November Show

Previous Show Results

2011    Was Oscar's year,  he won 3 Best Altered Kitten in Show at the Ancats October Show as well as placing 9th in the

              Specialty Ring

2012  Was Stella's year,  she stole the show at the Ancats 3 day show that year getting a Best in Show and also winning                       the Bengal  Specialty Ring.

2013   This was Will's year, this amazing boy became a Gold Double Grand Champion by the end of the year. 

               He also was  Bengal Best of Breed with Cats Qld for 2013.

              Also saw Annabel shine at the Ancats 3 day show when she beat Will's and won the Bengal Specialty Ring.

2014   Annabel became a Champion and had amazing results at shows